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◊ Harvard University
◊ Yale University
◊ Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
◊ Fordham Law School, NYC
◊ New York University
◊ City College of NY
◊ Martin Luther King Jr. High School, NYC
◊ P.S. 41, NYC
◊ City-As-School Graduation, NYC
◊ Washington Irving High School, NYC
◊ U.N. Church Center
◊ Community Church, NYC
◊ Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC
◊ Hamish & Henry Booksellers, Livingston Manor, NY
◊ Phoenix Reading Series, NYC
◊ Community Bookstore, Brooklyn
◊ European Conference for Peace, Athens
◊ Friends Meeting House, Stop the War Coalition, London
◊ Stable Yoga Dance Studio, Brooklyn
◊ Dearborn Progressive Group, Sarasota
◊ St. Johnèurch, Elizabeth, NJ
◊ Unitarian Universalist Church, Bellport NY
◊ Hiroshima Day Remembrance, Staten Island
◊ Mid-West Organizers Conference, Milwaukee
◊ Womenµilding, San Francisco




Through memoir and personal essays Deirdre Sinnott reveals the disturbing truths, outrageous behavior, and humbling circumstances that populate her off-kilter life. For bookings.


Brooklyn, NY

Live at Crossroads Cafe
1241 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 972-1852
View Map

Thursday, December 6, @ 7 PM



Livingston Manor, NY

Open Mic Series Hosted by Deirdre at
Hamish & Henry Booksellers
34B Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY. 845-439-8029.

Saturday, January 19, 2008 @ 4 PM



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Difficult and Important Subjects Discussed with Positive Amusing Demeanor

Sinnott talks about:

  • The Thrills and Spills: Alcohol & Promiscuity
  • Surviving and Thriving after Sexual Abuse
  • Avoiding Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Beyond Abstinence: Good Sex, Safer Sex & Birth Control, From Negotiation to Fulfillment
  • Body Positive: How Eating Disorders Can Consume Your Life
  • Stop Shopping, Start Living: Getting More Out of Less
  • The Power of Self Expression

 Or contact her to read from her work.


Publicity Photos

Video and Audio Clips

To contact Deirdre write to ds@deirdresinnott.com





Deirdre Sinnott is an impressive speaker who gets her audience personally involved. She interacted freely with the audience, answering their questions and comments and soliciting their ideas, while skillfully maintaining focus on her message.
-- Phebe Eckfeldt
Harvard University, Division of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, AFSCME Local 3650

Deirdre Sinnott uses her life as a spring board to discuss addiction, sexual abuse and other problems young adults need to know they do not face alone.  She approaches her audience with emotion, sincerity, insight and, most importantly, humor.
-- Dr. Leonard Vogt
Professor Emeritus of English, LaGuardia Community College, The City University of New York

I am happy to recommend Deirdre Sinnott enthusiastically as a speaker on the topics of prevention of and recovery from sexual abuse and recovery from substance abuse and addiction. She recently presented her work to a sophisticated audience of writers and other lovers of literature at The Phoenix Reading Series, which I coordinate and host. Her presentation was both very well-written and spoken and recounted an impressive triumph of self-control, good will, persistence and endurance.
-- Michael Graves
Author Adam and Cain
Host of The Phoenix Reading Series

I've seen Deirdre Sinnott perform her work and she knows how to reach, educate, and enthrall an audience. Her writing is funny and touching. She reveals intimacies with ease and has the conviction that tough topics, that adversely affect peoples lives, need to be brought into the public discourse. I recommend her to anyone who has a challenging issue that needs to be handled with warmth, sincerity, and smarts.
-- Vittoria repetto
Organizer of the Womenans௥try Jam host, Author Not Just a Personal Ad

Deirdre Sinnott is an excellent speaker, organizer and leader. She engineered a successful series of programs at our store that brought in new customers and helped local authors reach a wider audience. As master of ceremonies she was entertaining and her spoken-word performances were the backbone of the programs.
-- Sue Barnett
Hamish & Henry Booksellers




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