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Below, you can click through to visit some of the web pages that I've designed.


Independent publisher Lisa Mullenneaux and I worked together to create a stunning and individual new design for Penington Press. We added several new utilities including two blogs that are hosted on the site, not at some distant portal, links from books mentioned in her content to Amazon.com's affiliate program, and sponsored advertisements that allow her to earn income from click-throughs.

I founded and designed the original website LeftBooks.com a multi-product, e-commerce bookstore. They got wiped out by the economic crash, so sad.

and sponsored advertisements that allow her to earn income from click-throughs.


I've created a new website dedicated to my garden! Come visit Digging the Learning Curve.

I had to create a business card page for my endeavors as a public speaker. The site was simple, yet elegant.

The Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education/NYC asked me to create a site that included information about retreats, community organizing, tutoring services, and other aspects of their work. I took my inspiration from stained glass windows that I've always admire to frame the page and provide a beautiful and
practical navigational image.
Luthern Ministries webpage

In 1999 activists organized a conference in Athens, Greece to discuss corporate control of the media and other free speech topics. Because of the unique location, I included classical Greek columns in the design. This website no longer exists, but the work of the conference was published in a book called War Lies and Videotape: How the Media Monopoly Stifles Truth.
Media's Dark Age webpage no longer exists



The extraordinary writer, poet, professor, and activist Minnie Bruce Pratt came to me to create an intimate spot where her readers could learn more about her and the issue she works on. Together we conceived of a wonderful oasis where she can post reviews of her work, podcasts of her readings, contact information for bookings, her speaking schedule, and links to groups and activities she supports.

Leslie Feinberg and I built hir website so that readers of hir amazing books could find out more about hir writing, hir chosen family, and most importantly, hir political activism. Hir website has been redesigned, but it still exists and you can visit.

My original design for Leslie Feinberg:

The site for Charles Petzold's book The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour through Alan Turing's Historic paper on Computability and the Turing Machine.

My mother's website featured photos of her and our family.

The group Adoptive Families of Older Children needed to be able to network with parents and provide resources for families with older adopted children. We worked together and created this on-line billboard.


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